Central Hire is no longer operating

Sorry, but the Central Hire business was sold to Affordable Access at the beginning of 2012. Affordable was in turn sold in 2013. This site is only now a placeholder. You can still contact us about any outstanding matters by using the Accounts contact here.
The domain name hire.co.nz is for sale here
We know that our customers expect safety and productivity benefits from using our Access Equipment Hire services, including scissor lift hire, boom lift hire, personnel lift hire, telehandler hire, cherrypicker hire and vertical mast hire. We have an unmatched reputation for service, safety, and reliability and this capability means we can deliver on your expectations:
We are committed to integrity and transparency in our dealings with customers and suppliers, welcoming scrutiny of our safety systems and business processes.

From our central site we can efficiently deliver a range of distinctive or unique access hire equipment to Auckland and beyond. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to complete your job quickly and safely.EWPA Logo